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Monday, October 10, 2011

From "In the Shadow of Mountains: The Return of the Sixpack" by David George Richards

Johnson and Sinita have been brought before Prince Harold, who isn’t quite the gullible victim Johnson thinks he is...

“My name is Johnson Fold. I can assure you that my assistant Sinita and I are friendly visitors to your world. We are students of history and antiquity, and we would very much like to learn what there is to learn here, and maybe trade for a few items of little cost.”

“And what items of little cost would those be?” the Prince asked Johnson.

Johnson tilted his head from side to side and said in as casual a manner as possible, “Oh, maybe one of those shields or spears in that first room, the odd flag or standard, horse armour maybe.”

Prince Harold sat back in his chair and rested his hands on the table. “The yellow decorated horse armour?” he suggested.

Johnson couldn’t contain himself. “Yes, that would be perfect, and just right for our meagre funds. Such a simple item, not very unusual or rare, but just interesting enough and large enough to make our journey here worthwhile. I commend your judgement, Sire!”

Prince Harold laughed. It was a gentle laugh, one mixed equally between mirth and irony.

Johnson looked surprised, but Sinita shook her head knowingly.

“Give it up Jonno, he’s on to us.”

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