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Monday, October 10, 2011

From "SAHM I am" by Maryann Miller

When SAHM, a Sensor Activated Home Manager, is field tested at the O’Neal home, he’s up against the biggest challenge a computer has ever faced; one Shanna O’Neal:

Shanna stood in the open door to the garage with her arms crossed, looking at her husband’s answer to the chaos and confusion that went with the running of their household. Nick lacked the ability to see simple solutions to problems. Even changing a light bulb could evolve into a major scientific undertaking if she didn’t do it herself. So why hadn’t she just kept her mouth shut a couple of months ago? She’d asked for some help with Tommy and all the work that went into keeping the house, having in mind a maid, perhaps. Not some contraption called SAHM.

Actually, it wasn’t a contraption, and if she ever called it that out loud, Nick would go into cardiac arrest. SAHM, a Sensor Activated Household Manager, was a home computer. It wasn’t at all like her cute little Apple that was her link to the Internet and E-Mail and fit nicely on the antique desk in the den. This was a huge box, roughly the size of a refrigerator that filled one corner of the garage.

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Thanks so much for posting the snippet. Hope people enjoy the sample.

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