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Monday, October 17, 2011

From "Price of a Bounty" by S. L. Wallace

A mysterious young woman recently entered my life. I noticed her the second she walked into the café and was pleasantly surprised when she walked directly to my table. I immediately wondered why – why had she come to me? Did she know who I really was? If so, what kind of help was she seeking? She introduced herself as Madeline.

Madeline was beautiful, and she had the most amazing green eyes. She was well dressed yet looked hungry. Despite her clothing, I knew she wasn’t Elite. I could also sense that she needed something, possibly food, probably something else. She must know, but who directed her to me?

I ordered my favorite, Chicken Kiev, a side of mixed vegetables and a bottle of Chardonnay, and then hesitated. She really did look hungry. “Would you like the same?” I offered. If she saw that I was willing and able to offer this, it might put her at ease. I was well aware that asking for help could be a daunting task. I wanted to make this as easy as possible for her.

But, she didn’t ask. Not then, and not as the conversation continued.

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xlpharmacy said...

Very intriguing plot with characters you can quickly relate to and feel for. I was happy to hear this is the 1st in a triology and I look forward to picking up the second book when it hits the shelves.

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