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Thursday, October 13, 2011

From "For Every Action There Are Consequences" by Gail M Baugniet

FOR EVERY ACTION There Are ConsequencesThe first few files I paged through listed ESI as the plaintiff. Mr. Jaedelle’s law partner had handled these cases. I piled the folders next to the shredder, took out another stack, and continued to flip through cases while mulling over the two newspaper articles I’d found at the library.

If Liticia Tuarence and Latisha Mathi were the same person, information not yet confirmed, then it appeared Mrs. Tuarence had been mixed up in a dangerous game. Both articles stated police suspected her of making frequent trips to foreign soil for the purpose of transporting heroin to the United States. The articles did not name the country of “foreign soil” or contain any mention of Liticia’s husband.

Maybe Wes Tuarence had masterminded the transport of drugs into Chicago. If he’d handled the distribution on this end, skipping town after getting caught made sense to me. Murdering his wife didn’t. 

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anthony stemke said...

Very nice but too small a snippet.
Thank You, looks like a really good story.

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