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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From "Akila's Labyrinth" by G Bell

Akila enters the garden shed at the back of the Georgia O'Keefe Museum...

Feeling acid rise in his throat, Akila then noticed a large hand poking out from the mess, the fingers cramped in rigor mortis. The hand was a rusty-brown color and had many scratches, evidence of hard work. On the underside of the victim’s wrist, there was a black labyrinth tattoo of three swirling concentric circles.

Covering his nose with his sleeve so he didn’t have to breath in the scent of rotting flesh and strong fertilizer, he tried to determine if the body was still intact, yet after prodding the vat with a rake, it seemed that all had been dissolved, only the hand and a scrap of the victim’s scalp remained. Akila photographed this grisly evidence and then called the police. He looked at his watch. It was 6 40pm. His friend Janine was going to meet him in 10 minutes at the front of the museum for a talk by a renowned art historian Lucy Lippard. He had been looking forward to this for several weeks, but he couldn’t get the vision of the floating hand in the pool of murky green-grey water out of his mind’s eye. 

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