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Thursday, November 10, 2011

From "Death and Downsizing" by Walt Lamberg

Detective Joseph Isaacson is briefing his partner, Detective Daniel Burns, on his visit to the crime scene...

A noise caught Isaacson’s attention, a police helicopter taking off from the roof of the Baltimore City Police Headquarters building,twelve stories up. He twisted around to look out the window.  Burns smiled. You can take the boy out of the Nam, but you can’t take the Nam out of the boy.

Isaacson turned back to his coffee. “So she goes into his office with his tea, sees his legs sticking out from behind his desk. Says he had this medical condition. High blood pressure. Passed out once before. Had to be hospitalized. She goes right for the phone. At this point she breaks down again, couldn't talk to me anymore.”

“So I tried to imagine what happened.  See, she goes into that office every morning;it's routine. Everything is familiar. She could do it with her eyes closed.What I'm saying is that thing's there, but she hasn’t seen it yet.  I figure she must have called 911 before she saw it.  Then she leans over the desk, or maybe she walks around the desk.  Then she sees it."

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