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Thursday, November 24, 2011

From "Anonymous Realm" by Linda Picinich

I smirked, feeling fairly confident that I was going to get the better of this prank.  “Oh, okay.  So what happened to you then?  You know, since you’re not really dead?  Have you been reincarnated?”

“Kind of.  Maybe.  I’m not entirely sure.  That’s why I need your help. To find out what happened to me.  To my body, I mean.”  This man truly believed he was who he said.

“You died.  You suffered a sudden, fatal heart attack, and you DIED.” He looked genuinely stunned and confused.  “Oh, and you donated your organs too.  Your two minutes is almost up, Pal…”  I got up again to leave.

“Wait!”  He said.  “Meet me here again tomorrow.  Please.”

“Yeah, okay.  I’ll jot it in my calendar…lunch date with the dead guy with no organs at the park.  Right.  Look, Pal, I may look lonely, but I’m not so desperate that I’ll start dating zombies.  Rest in peace, Fella’.” I turned to walk away, but he stood up and blocked my path.

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Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS REALM is a quick and quirky haunting quest featuring spiritual possession of a different kind!! Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!!

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