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Thursday, November 17, 2011

From "Blurry" by Sherri Fulmer Moorer

“Rachel, this is Kirsten. I know I’m the last person you expect to hear from, but I need help. I broke up with Danny and he’s angry. I barely got away from him. It’s nine o’clock Saturday night. I’m on campus. I was hoping you could let me stay with you and Natalie tonight. Please give me a call if you get this message.” She snapped the phone closed. She pressed the brake at a curve in the road, but the car wasn’t slowing.
“Now what?” She asked to no one in particular. She put more pressure on the brake, but it went straight to the floor and nothing happened. She panicked as she saw a road sign indicating a curve ahead. She knew there was a bridge over a river just around that curve. She pumped her brakes and tried to pull her car toward the shoulder on the opposite side of the road but a car coming around the curve forced her to swerve. Her car spun out of control. She tried to pull up the parking brake but it was too late.
She screamed as the car bounced down the cliff, into the cold water below.

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