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Thursday, November 17, 2011

From "The Honeycomb Comet" by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Cpt. Albert Musso tells about what really happened on that first voyage to the Altair HX sphere...

It wasn’t a rest home, it was the Carrefour Hotel, the finest in Titan City 2.

Albert Musso didn’t seem ancient, either, as he walked vigorously to the table in the garden, his eyes sharp and his voice clear as he greeted me. But I’d been warned that he fatigued very easily and when he left me he’d have to be plugged into a roomful of life support systems.

For that matter, it wasn’t an interview; it was a monologue. I waved my ring-computer into its Record mode and Captain Musso talked.

I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to me, Mr. Thompson. I assume you know I was captain of the ninth ship to get out to the Altair HX Sphere, not the first. But I think I still have an interesting story to tell you.

It’s a burden I’ve carried too long. Telling the true story of the first Altair Sphere voyage may partly right a terrible wrong from long ago. When I saw what they said in Jonas’s obituaries… Grrr… such bilge! I can respect the dead, but I need to respect the living more. This is what I saw happen there.

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