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Monday, November 21, 2011

From "Edge of Extinction" by Kristen Stone

Deep in the Amazon rainforest:

“Once I thought I was a god, but now I know I’m not and I am glad.”

The young man who said this looked at me and smiled.  We were sitting so close together our bodies were almost touching.  Below us was his village, hidden by the jungle.  I returned his smile and reached for his hand.  I could understand why the primitive people with whom he lived looked upon him as a god.  He stood a good six inches taller than the tallest villager.  His skin was a deep sun-baked bronze instead of the dusky brown of the Chachinka people.  His hair, which reached almost to his waist, was a pale golden colour and his eyes were like amber.  When he stepped out of the river after bathing the sun sparkled off the water droplets clinging to his body making him shimmer in the light as if he were cast in gold.  How could they believe he was anything but a god – and that was without taking into account the prehensile tail which reached to the ground and could pick up the smallest stone as deftly as his fingers.

 “I wish you could come back to England with us,” I said.  “There is so much you could learn, so much we could learn from you.”

He shook his head.  

“I must stay with my people.  They need me.  There will be much work to do.  They need a leader.  They listen to me, still.”

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