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Monday, November 21, 2011

From "Milkshake" by Matt Hammond

Senator Elmerstein is explaining how the American public has been fooled once. They can be fooled again...

Elmerstein paused and leaned over the table, placing his large craggy palms face down on the burnished maple. He shot a dramatic glance, catching the gaze of every man as his eyes swept the room. “Why was the first space shuttle called 'Enterprise'? I’ll tell you why. Popular myth has it that it was due to a public campaign to persuade NASA to begin a dynasty of spaceships that would carry the name hundreds of years into the future, blurring fact with television fiction. To boldly go where no man has gone before etc etc. A romantic notion, which again captured the imagination of a public actually pretty bored with space travel at that time. So it was decided to call the first Space Transportation Craft 'Enterprise'. The public thought they had influenced the choice of name and it became their spacecraft.  Anyway, gentlemen, I digress. Nowadays the corporate guys have gotten hold of the idea, and the technique they are using is termed, I believe, 'viral marketing'. It’s just starting to be looked at as a serious marketing tool in the commercial world but we believe we can also use it to good effect.”

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