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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From "Home" by Donovin Freeman

This scene is the wedding reception right after Cathy's daughter Tara marries Victor. Victor's mother Gwen has always had a battle with the bottle...

When Victor got downstairs, he wanted to scream. His mother had knocked the food table over and was sitting in the potato salad bowl. He reached out to help her. “I can get up by myself, asshole!”
As she got to her feet, she fell again. Mike and Jerome began to laugh. Cathy gave Mike the look and he stopped, Jerome continued. Janet and Eve didn’t take kindly to him making fun of their mother. “What you laughin’ at, monkey boy?” yelled Eve. Jerome headed straight over to them ready to fight. Mike pulled him back. Jerome had snuck a couple of drinks, and Mike knew he got crazy when drunk.
“Let his ass go!” yelled Janet.
“Yeah, let’s see if he’s as bad as he looks,” said Eve.
Jerome was enraged. “Let me go Mike!”
Cathy was growing madder with each passing moment. Gwen was still sitting in the bowl, denying Victor every time he tried to help her. And when Jerome lunged at Eve, knocking the punch bowl over, she lost it. “I want everybody out the door! Victor, get her drunk ass the out of here, and Mike, get that damn monkey and take his ass home!”

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