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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From "A Way About" by Roxanne S. Barbour

Colonel Esseline Robinson, the Planetary Police Chief of Ascendant, was on administrative leave helping her niece, Ariana, adjust to living with Essie after the deaths of Ari’s mother and father, when Ari discovered blood on the floor of the archaeology lab...

The day, of my return to normalcy, took me by surprise.  Of course, in the end when all had been resolved, it didn’t turn out to be a return to normalcy.

      “AunEss, AunEss, answer your com!”

      I moved my eyes from the report I was writing and punched the com screen so I could see the video.  I had left my com on audio so that my writing could be freely interrupted, but this didn’t sound positive.  My niece only called me AunEss when she was extremely upset.

      “Sweetheart, what’s up?” I quietly asked.  Her face was very pale; quite unlike her usual fifteen-year-old rosy glow.

      “There’s blood all over the floor in reception.  I don’t want to go any further inside.”

      “You’re at the archaeology lab?”

      “Yes, I just got here for work.  When I opened the door and saw all the blood, I couldn’t move.”

      Ari pointed her com towards the floor.  I could clearly see a large amount of blood, but no body.

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