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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

From "Murder Caribbean-Style" by Diane Rapp

Kayla and Steven follow Chadwick, one of their murder suspects, to the top of Brimstone Fortress in St. Kitts, but he grabs Kayla to use as a hostage while he tries to escape from a police drug bust...
Chadwick glanced over the parapet and jerked back, a wild expression in his eyes.  A stray bullet zinged off the stone spattering pieces of rock.  “Bloody hell!” Chadwick shouted.  “You dirty buggers.  First you kill Patrick and now you’re here to kill me!  I won’t let you!  You hear?”

What did Chadwick mean?  Visions of bad cop movies flickered through Kayla’s mind.  She thought, Did the police murder Patrick? 

Jerry jumped into the dry moat and edged along the shadows.  He motioned Steven to go the other direction, and Kayla hoped Chadwick hadn’t seen them.

Dragging Kayla along the parapet, Chadwick leaned over to look down.  Struggling to get free from the suffocating grip, Kayla flung her arm back and knocked her baseball cap off.  Caught in a gust of wind, the cap flipped into Chadwick’s face.  He batted the offending cap away and released his grip on Kayla.  She whirled and smacked the side of Chadwick’s head with her bag. 

Chadwick staggered from the blow.

Steven and Jerry charged from opposite sides and wrestled him to the ground.  Jerry clamped Chadwick’s wrists into handcuffs and said, “She’s a bloody scrapper, that one.”

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