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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From "Render" by EC Roche

The beam of light stretched out in front of me, flooding the blackness with a warm, golden glow. ..

I stalked the long, lonely road, walking quickly and keeping my eyes out for any passing cars. I doubted any would drive down here, anyway. Every time I heard an owl hoot, a twig snap, or a bramble rustle, I was quick to draw my flashlight to the spot where the sound came from. My reflexes and responses were certainly a lot quicker than they used to be. Was this also a part of the curse on me? I’d been walking for about thirty minutes, and was already beginning to feel pretty tired. I’d barely slept the last few weeks, and could feel it taking a toll on my body. I wanted nothing more than to be curled up in my warm bed right now, but I just didn’t want to be locked away from the world, with an empty cushioned room as my only asylum. I couldn’t remember what happened to me, but I had to figure out what was becoming of me. No one would believe what I was going through – they all came to one conclusion: I was stark raving bonkers.

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