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Friday, November 4, 2011

From "Secret of the Dragon's Eye" by Derek Hart

Gavin was exceedingly disappointed, because he had expected much more upon entering the enchanted cottage...

            Suddenly, the enormous fireplace started coming apart, as each shaped stone began shifting and moving through the air.  Chunks and slabs sailed about the room, almost colliding, yet mysteriously always narrowly missing each other.  This magical display of unexplained levitation appeared random at first, before Gavin realized the rocks were coming together to form an entirely new shape.
            What once had looked like ordinary fireplace stones, now glistened and sparkled with pulsating radiant colors, including bright golden yellow, blood red, burnished copper, and bluest black.  These once inanimate objects now undulated as if alive.  In a painful moment of startling truth, Gavin realized they were actually scales, rippling with power and definitely not of this world.
            The poor lad could not move.
            His teeth chattered, but not from the cold.
            His knees knocked and hands shook.
            His heart was beating like a drum.
            Gavin could not blink, nor swallow, nor even take a breath of air.
He was frozen in terror.
            For there, standing before him, in awesome and terrible splendor, was….
            Gavin almost fainted.
It was a dragon. 
A real dragon!

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