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Friday, November 4, 2011

From "Slaying Season: A Jake Goodman Mystery" by James Laabs

The Lincoln State Abes, a small underdog school are playing the UCLA Bruins...

UCLA drove down the field as the game clock wound down and had the ball at the six-yard-line with fifteen seconds left in the game. If UCLA scored a touchdown, it would be a second straight disappointing loss for the Abes.

Luckily for Lincoln State, Onolulo Kahona didn’t learn very much about football growing up in American Samoa. He never heard the storied history of the UCLA Bruins and didn’t know that the Rose Bowl was built in 1922 and hosted some of the most famous sporting events of the twentieth century. All he knew was that his beloved grandmother, his favorite person on the the planet, was sitting in the stands. She had come all the way from Samoa just to see him play this strange game she knew nothing about. More than anything in the universe, he wanted to impress her.  The monstrous Samoan garnered every bit of strength on the next play and ran over the huge UCLA left tackle like he wasn’t there. The game ended the same way it started, with Onolulo Kahona sacking the quarterback and knocking the ball loose. Another Lincoln State lineman fell on the ball as the clock ticked to zero. 

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