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Monday, November 14, 2011

From "Six of Hearts" by Michael P Whateley

It was approaching midnight.  Jackie was getting more nervous as the witching hour approached.  It was not always a good thing taking a bet, but it was something she could never refuse.  Picking another twig up from the floor she dropped it into the metal bin that was doubling as her fire and her back up light.  The twig caught and spluttered to life.  She glanced around the room again.  The fire was casting shadows on the walls making the place seem more eerie than it already looked.  This was the inside hallway of 'last man standing'.  That was the quaint name of the mansion that she was currently cowering in.

     Jackie stood up and walked across to the opposite wall.  Her heals kicked dust up into the air as she walked.  No one had lived here for about thirty years and it showed.  She took the torch out of her pocket and turned it on.  The lantern cast a harsh white fluorescent light around the room.

     There was an old faded picture on the wall that attracted Jackie's curiosity.  It showed a group of men in uniform.  The one at the front she recognized as Major Joshua Madison. 


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