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Monday, November 14, 2011

From "Train Wreck: A Novel" by Bennett Gavrish

Jamal rose from his seat as if he was about to address a congregation. “I ain’t scared of no Harry Potter. I finished all of them stupid books. All I can say is this: that’s some wicked unrealistic crap.”

“Imagine that,” Nick said sarcastically, “a book about magic being unrealistic.”

“I like the books,” squeaked Samuel. He was gripping the tome tightly, fearing the angry black man might rip it out of his hands and destroy it with one of his evil swearing spells.

“You hear that, Grams?” Jamal shouted. “He likes the books! Next thing you know he’s gonna be asking for a freakin’ broomstick and a magic cloak for Christmas.”

Bradley got giddy. “Oh man, how cool would it be to have an invisibility cloak?”

By this time, Matthew had slid over to the other side of the bench and joined the conversation. “If I could be invisible, I would sneak up behind people I didn’t know and give them invisible hugs.”

“Matthew,” Bradley said, “that’s called sexual assault. And it’s a felony.”

Jamal seized control of the discussion again. “Oh please. An invisible cloak would be the worst thing to give a kid. He’d put it down to go take a piss, come back and never be able to find it again.”

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Nice snippet, Bennett. And strong cover photo. Best of luck.

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