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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From "The Academic Exercise" by James G. Bruen, Jr.

"What is the matter, Matt?" asked the priest, sniffing the brandy.
"Am I that transparent, Paul?" said Matt Hart with a smile and a sigh. "I guess after all these years you know me well."
He put his glass on the small table next to his chair.
"One of my law students was killed today," Matt continued after a short pause.
"He was one of the best students I had last year, and he was killed by another one of my students. The police say it's murder, and they have arrested him. I know he didn't mean to do it. I feel responsible for the killing and obligated to prove he isn't culpable."
"Responsible? Why?" said the priest. He dipped his tongue into his brandy.

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