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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

From "Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream" by Caddy Rowland

As she slowly removed the top and then the bottom of the lingerie, stepping out of them, he was transfixed with the beauty of her body. Sweet Jesus, she was lovely! Never had Gastien imagined that a woman could look so perfect. She could be a sculpture in a museum, he thought, she is physically perfect. The look of her screams of class. Gastien felt like he would dirty her.

Then, she looked at him in a way that let him know that he was definitely what she wanted. He did not have to worry that he was not clean enough, or rich enough, or suave enough. He whispered, “You are beautiful, Nath. Absolutely, completely, beautiful.” 
Her soft laughter tinkled in the stillness of the night. She moved over to the bed, where she pulled down the heavy red satin cover, revealing satin sheets that matched her lingerie. She climbed up the bed steps, finally sliding gracefully between the sheets. Looking over at him, she said softly, “My turn, Gastien. My turn to watch, while you undress.”

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