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Thursday, December 1, 2011

From "Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas" by Heather Hiestand

The ladder swung sharply as a gust of wind caught it. Andrew leaned down, his warm fingers brushing hers. Linet heard a groaning noise and a whoosh under her feet. Thinking the hull might be splintering, she looked down to calculate her distance to the attic window and saw smoke and light nearby. Cannons boomed, the sound coming from the roof of the Guterman Automen Factory! They must think a pirate attack was imminent.

“We’re under fire!” Andrew dove over the side. “Grab my legs, boys!”

Her heart caught in her throat at the sight of his bravado. She leaned into the ladder so he could drop past her to open the sticky cannon porthole below. Just as easily, though, he could miss and fall to his death.

His downward dive stopped as unseen crewmen secured his legs. He dangled over the side inches above her head. As she clutched the ladder, his hands found her arms and gripped tightly, digging her cuffs into the flesh above her wrists.

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