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Thursday, December 1, 2011

From "Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream" by Caddy Rowland

Soon it was time for him to take the brush. Mon Dieu, he was nervous! His hand shook. Mic placed his hand on Gastien’s. He squeezed it gently and said softly, “Don’t be nervous, Gaz. It is just me. You have it, I know it. Most importantly, you know it.” Mic paused. Then he whispered, “Use the brush like you used your other tool last night. Master it. Make it speak for you, create for you.” Gastien closed his eyes, slowing his breathing. “Feel it, Gaz? The brush speaks to you. What it says to you will be different than what it says to me, but it will talk. And you need to talk to it. Talk to the paints, too. Become one with them. Just let it happen. You do it with charcoal, this is no different. You will just achieve greater results.” He took his hand off Gastien’s. “Make love to the paints now, Gaz.”

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