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Monday, December 12, 2011

From "The Choice" by Sydney S. Song

Helen ponders whether to follow her heart or mind when her boyfriend, a celebrity,  announces his HIV status...
As I daydreamed, my lunch date arrived by limousine.  Noticing the car, my mind sorted pictures trying to determine the difference between his hired ride and a hearse.  From my vantage point, his transportation seemed just as lonely as the latter. ...
Glancing my direction, his hand tipped in a wave as his face lit up with an easy smile.  Nodding, my eyes alerted him to the crowd gathering to pay him homage....  he reveled in the attention of his celebrity while approaching our rendezvous site...
As he took his seat, my memories took me back to Miami when replanted New York and New Jersey Jewish people missing their grandchildren patted children merrily on the head as we passed.  Now, the same pat on the head might turn out to be a seagull’s discharge because this ocean front resort changed hands in the years between yesterday and today.  ... After placating his admiring stalkers or fans, my friend pulled up a chair boldly asking while presenting himself as the prize, “Could it get any hotter?”

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