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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From "The Evans Terrace Girls" by Jenny & Julie Hanson

The girls collected donations to help fund beds for orphans: 
Joy found out that one of her friends had inherited two cousins; one of the boys was two weeks old and the other eighteen-month-old when their single mother died of an epileptic seizure.  ... that family needed beds for their toddlers....  We set up a table at our neighborhood cookie swap; one guest handed us five dollars as she decided aloud that we wouldn’t even raise enough for one mattress. 
My mom responded, “I believe in miracles! ‘Tis the season!”...
When we delivered the beds to those orphans, the oldest boy exclaimed, “I see angels!  Right there!”...  We stood is awe as the youngster relived those days with his deceased mother.  The boy made his eyes stay open using his fingers saying, “When mommy was like this,” the unspoken word was dead, “the angels told me what to do for my brother; they helped me find food.” In despair, he added, “I found the cereal; I couldn’t do diapers.”  ...  

After the boy’s description of the scene, he grabbed his toddler brother running away to jump on their beds.

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