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Thursday, December 15, 2011

From "Frothy Coffee Stories" by Tabitca Cope

He tried to blend into the back ground, another grey suited man, in a sea of grey suits all leaving their grey offices to head their grey way home. He hoped they went home to a warm family to bring some light into their lives, as she had to his. He looked ahead, the problem would be once she went over the bridge as the crowd would disperse and head for the station and he would still be there following her. She was heading past the bridge and down to the riverside. There wouldn’t be many places to hide once she hit the path. Both sides of the path had been cleared of bushes so no one could hide there and spring out on the unwary. He had applauded it at the time now he wished they had left some in situ. He considered and then pulled out a plastic cagoule from his pocket and a woolly pull on hat. Dressed in these his suit was covered and he looked like someone walking a dog. Satisfied he followed her down.

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