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Thursday, December 15, 2011

From "Rostov Rising" by Roger Bourke White Jr.

Ifrit Zaneem is telling the history of Ifrits and Dragons in the Plane of Fire...
“Tell me more about Queen Almidahl,” I said to Zaneem.
“When we Ifrits first came to this plane, she was First Guardian of the Red Dragons. It was she who led the Dragons against us when we first sought to make a home here.
“At first they hurt us grievously. We lived as furtive beings on the edges of the realm and many of our kind did flee elsewhere, as the Dragons wished. But with time those of us who stayed became stronger and adapted to this realm, so that we not only became immune to Dragon breath but came to enjoy it! Ah … I may not be able to experience the joys of the heart that you and the Queen discussed, but you cannot experience the joys of being bathed from head to toe in Dragon flame.
“After that change came about, we Ifrits found ourselves seeking Dragons out. They could still hurt us if we were not careful, but we would bait them to breathe on us, then scamper away. Those who now live in the city went one step further: They captured young Reds and trained them to be pets. There are now many in the city."

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