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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From "His Story" Compiled by Cynthia Meyers Hanson

This book is a collection of inspirational stories:
Unexpectedly- a young mother died in a car accident.  Her best friend, a cancer survivor that relied heavily on the deceased soul bravely volunteered to do the eulogy.  Another young friend decided to gift those present with her angelic voice.  The singer worried about her strength to make it through her songs.  I drove her early to practice so her husband could await their babysitter.  She feared crying instead of singing during a song’s words: “and I will lift you up on eagles’ wings…” So, I joked about other creatures and lyrics. 
Lines from “Mickey Mouse” poured out of my mouth breaking her tension.  As we laughed, I parked my car and told her to watch my lips because they will be harmonizing with that other animal song.  During the actual funeral, my neighbor didn’t have to find my face because the face of the church’s clock hit our funny bone.  This Orlando church made its timely purchase at Disney World; there the mouse stood greeting us with his open arms marking the hours and minutes. God has a sense of humor!

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