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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From "Honor & Entropy" by Arthur Spevak

Arthur Spevak is meeting Telly Brensen for the first time. They are both in junior high school...

  Telly came around the corner and shook my hand.

   We were the same age, but a strength flowed through Telly’s hand that said he was endowed with things I would never have. His jaw was square and strong, and the oil in his hair did not diminish his well-set features.  
   “Come on to my room. I’ll show you around.” 

   I thought it odd that going to his room meant “showing me around,” but I followed, already guessing we would go to whatever was farthest from the kitchen. That’s when I got a view of his back pocket and a switchblade. 

   Suddenly, I could see him posing on the cover of Hoodlum Quarterly, surrounded by all those splashy leads...Inside: Benny “Three Fingers” Salmonelli’s award-winning Blackjack Comparison Test...The Controversy Continues Long Blade Or Short?...Bailbondsmen – Getting Your Money’s Worthand our feature article on prison defense: Buggered If You Don’t.




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Love it! :-)

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