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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From "His Virgin Mistress" by Nell Henderson

Mistress!  The atmosphere was suddenly electric as the word hung in the air between them.  His offer conjured up all sorts of images inside Eden’s head until finally she shuddered with fear and loosened herself from his grip.

“Absolutely not!  There’s no way I can agree to that, it just can’t happen.”  She spluttered at last.  “You can’t mean what you’ve just said.”  She searched for the words and then added, “you are asking me to do nothing more than sell myself.”  She stated incredulously.

But Ortiz merely shrugged.  “See it that way if you must but we both know there is more to it than that.”  He told her firmly and his dark eyes looked into hers with a glint of amusement that annoyed her even more. 

“Think about it, Eden.  What real choice do you have?  You want Hathershaw fixed and in return, for the next few weeks at least, I want you.”