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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From "The Wood & Copper Inn and other Short Stories of the Supernatural" by G. Neri

A confederate deserter on his way west, is abruptly awakened by an unearthly visitor...

The shadow moved forward and stood at the mouth of the cave for a time.  It was undoubtedly the form of a man.  The wind screamed an eerie lament through the valleys and amongst the mountains, as if to warn Adams of the shadow and of the shadow’s unknown purpose.  He watched as the shadow slowly walked into the cave entrance.

        He also noticed what were dark and malevolent spirits, which remained in the wood just outside of the cave.  He heard their voices and saw their eyes.  They were stirring and writhing and staring inward at him and at the fire.  Adams knew what they were.

        The stranger was peculiarly dressed for being in the wilds, for he was dressed in finery from top to bottom.  He wore a fancily tailored long coat, a tall hat and shiny black boots that were tipped with strangely patterned silver at the ends.  Adams noticed that.  He carried a silver tipped and polished oaken walking stick. He was an imposing figure as he slowly and very silently walked closer.  He was followed into the cave by a smaller, hunched and shadowy figure.

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