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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From "Hostile Witness" by Rebecca Forster

Linda’s fingers dug into Josie’s arms again. Her long nails were sharp, but the rest of her was losing ground. She pleaded frantically as only a mother can.
“Just go see Hannah, Josie. That’s all I’m asking. If you saw her, you’d help her. The last thing you’d want is for a kid to be alone and scared.”
They stood eye to eye, both of them taller than most men, both of them fascinatingly attractive, and both locked in an emotional tug of war. 
“They took her to Sybil Brand?” Josie asked cautiously. 
Linda nodded slowly, her face a play of concern and questions. 
“They said she couldn’t be released until they had a bail hearing because of the charges. That’s not going to be ‘till Monday. Josie, what is it?”
“Juvenile offenders are taken to East Lake, Linda, not Sybil Brand. Your daughter’s in the women’s jail. The DA is going to charge her as an adult.”
“What does that mean?” 
“That means she’s looking at hard time if she’s convicted. No sealed records. No short-term juvenile facility.”  Josie dug deep to find the courage to give Linda the worst-case scenario.  “If the DA tacks on special circumstances he could conceivably ask for the death penalty.”

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