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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From "My ArmOR" by Cynthia Meyers-Hanson

I was thrown- like a rag doll- crushing my left arm; a ‘man of the cloth’ delivers an explanation for my fall...
“What’s a deliverance minister do? Does he play a banjo riverside?” I joked.
“It’s similar to an exorcist,” My brother explained.  
I dodged thoughts as my sibling, an ex-preacher, spoke about freeing evil entities. “It’s scary work!”  Before I asked for clarification, he continued, “When you goad an evil spirit, they attack more trying to control you.  If you free them from entanglement with another’s soul, they need a place to go so they haunt and taunt you.”
“What do you mean?”
“They need to own a body, so they come after you.”
Days later, I stood with a Deliverance Minister joking about dueling banjos.  He prayed over some people asking God to relieve them of curses and sins as well as show them the path away from the power of the devil.  A mighty wind blew in as he prayed; when some of us gathered looked up a nearby car had a message license plate that read, “Get Out!” How apropos!

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