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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From "The Presence - The Presents" by Anne LaMonte

Anne took an incorrect medication that is killing her.
It was April Fool’s Day when a doctor looked Anne straight in her eyes stating that if her bleeding didn’t stop, she’d be dead by the end of the day.  That announcement was NOT a bad joke.  That would not be funny, anyway!  Unbelievable thoughts raced through Anne’s mind as she heard that her fever must break before she could receive a blood transfusion.  Without it, there was NOT much hope!  This news shook Anne to her soul. She finally heard that her bruising indicated internal bleeding that might kill her.  

About three in the afternoon, she heard Father Joe’s shuffle coming down the hallway.

Without delay, that priest started anointing his sick parishioner.  As his healing hands moved over Anne’s forehead- with God as her witness- her body felt on fire.  Her tears flowed through his prayers. Without uttering a word, she remained mystified as he finished his sacramental blessing then left her hospital room.... she stopped crying because Anne felt a comforting “presence.”  It lulled her into very sound sleep.

After midnight, as a night nurse took Anne’s vital signs...

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