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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From "The Speed of Darkness" by Sarah Baethge

“Thank you wolf-man; I’m sure you got some better name than that, but that’s all you are to them now… You really shouldn't have…” he said, turning back to the window.
What would you have had me do instead?” Eric said angrily as he backed away. He had not set out to be a hero; but he had certainly expected at least a little gratitude. “Look, anyone who had even a little bit of decency would have objected to what they were doing.”
Objected? “ Nigel said as he let himself fall back onto the couch, looking at Eric as if he were an idiot. “There’s a difference between objecting and throwing yourself into the path of an oncoming bullet. You realize they know now what you are?”
 “Let them go ahead and try to tell anyone about me! Who’s going to believe them?” Eric laughed, dismissing Nigel’s fears as he confidently turned his back on the window view of the other men. With utter calmness, he started to his bedroom for clothes.
“Just sit on my couch a bit,” he called behind himself, “they will just leave, and it will all be OK.”

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