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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From "Sweetwater" by Courtney Lyn Batten

Mia blinked back the tears, the longing, and the heartache that threatened to consume her. Leaving Mississippi four years ago was eerily similar to leaving Adam now.
Kyle’s raspy voice jolted Mia out of her thoughts. She whipped her head back to face him. He sensed her eyes on him and met them, still singing faintly. And for a moment, it was hard to ignore the warmth that flooded in her gut as their eyes locked. His deep voice made her want to forget and desperate to run at the same time.  Mia realized she was staring, he winked and a hot blush crept into her cheeks and stained her pale skin. She dropped her eyes to her lap; a curtain of blonde hair fell forward and shielded her red face.
Kyle chuckled as he turned back to the road, “Even cuter when you blush.”

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