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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

From "8:The Untold Story of the 8th Dwarf" by Michael Mullin

The stories we pass down from parent to child
Were once filled with darkness, but somehow turned mild.
We tweak and revise, and when all else fails
We choose to omit certain crucial details.
Until they're forgotten, and nobody knows
How a story originally, truthfully goes.

Take Snow White, for example. A popular tale
With plenty of unpleasant truths to unveil.
For instance, I’d wager that you didn’t know
Seven lived in that cottage … while one lived below.

It wasn’t always that way. They once lived as eight.
‘Til he changed into strange: staying up, sleeping late.
He ate less and less, turning skeleton-thin,
And shaved his beard down to a patch on his chin.
He was twisted and moody. A freak to the letter.
Calling him “Creepy” didn’t make things much better.

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Thanks for the snippet, Bryan. Posting this link on the "8" FB page, here:

Happy New Year to all!

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