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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Among the Little Fishes" by Ethan Cobb

Easton, a hero looking to become a “Super” Hero enters the classroom of Dr. Winters, suspected Villain “Dr. Disaster”:

Easton knew Dr. Disaster was the only first-rate villain any second-string hero could get to. These days there were too many “Super” Heroes and not enough “Evil” Villains. Where was another sadistic clown or bald maniacal real-estate agent when you needed them? Only last week two heroes sped to the same bank heist, arriving at the same time. The news cameras picked up the action as the two heroes battered each other for the chance to arrest the robbers, while the criminals tiptoed out the back door and escaped.

“Will everyone please take your seats and shut up,” said Dr. Winters. Easton sighed. Dr. Disaster was not considered a true “Evil” Villain and there were plenty of reasons why. He lacked subtlety, poise, and clever monologues.

The classroom dropped silent under the fiery gaze of the professor. His bulbous nose and tight jaw molded nicely with the sharp eyebrows narrowed into a V. His head pulsed red like a teapot left in a furnace all night. Anyone that ferocious looking while teaching High School Chemistry had to be a villain.

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