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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Silver Smoke" by Monica Leonelle

Brie heard Pilot calling after her in the distance, most likely swearing at her. But she kept running.

It wasn't like it was Brie’s fault that they'd stolen the car. If Pilot hadn’t run his Camry’s gas tank dry, they could have been on time for school without having to jack their father’s most prized possession. Not that Brie really cared—after everything their father James had done to them, the least he could do was loan them his Aston Martin every once in awhile.

It wasn't Brie's fault that they'd crashed into a palm tree either. Sure, she'd screamed, and grabbed Pilot's shoulders from the backseat. She'd even shaken him as hard as she could to get him to hit the brakes. But the paparazzi had run him off the road in the first place.

Lastly—not that she wasn’t going to get blamed for all this anyway—it wasn’t Brie’s fault that she’d jumped out of the car just a few seconds after it crashed. She had to get answers. And in this case, she had to chase them... 

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