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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Curbchek" by Zach Fortier

The door of the mobile home had been kicked in, so I called for backup and went in, clearing room-by-room, my gun out searching.  I checked the entire trailer - which smelled like a damn litter box - and in the only bedroom I found an unmade bed covered in blood.  There was no one in the house.  I called for techs to process the scene and put out an attempt-to-locate on the woman’s car; it was gone - and she with it.

            I was pissed off.  I drove around the immediate area, looking for her car; then, call it intuition or whatever, I decided to park back up on a hill and blacked out (turned out my headlights).  I just sat, waiting.  I know this sounds weird, but I knew something was going to happen.  Call it luck or gut instinct - whatever you want to feel comfortable - but I knew I had to park and wait...something was coming.  

Fifteen minutes later, here comes her car down the dugway.

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