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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Shadow Path" by P.L. Blair

Tevis placed a hand on the left temple of the corpse. "Most of the brain has been destroyed by the blast." He sounded distant, talking to himself, thinking out loud rather than answering the Wizard's question. "I feel … cold. Freezing. Like wind sweeping off a great field of ice. It has dissipated very little, even after all this time. You are very strong, Coira.” His voice dropped to little more than a barely heard murmur. “You are hiding something from us — trying to hide something."

His voice dropped even lower, whispering words Kat couldn't understand – didn't think she would've understood them even if she could've heard them clearly. He closed his eyes. Sweat beaded on his forehead, rolled down to drip from his chin. Kat had never seen Tevis sweat before — never seen him look so pale. "Tevis ..." She reached toward him.

Arvandus caught her hand. "He casts a spell," the Wizard said. "It would be dangerous to disturb him now — dangerous for you as well as him."

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