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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Dead Heroes" by Kae Cheatham

“What?” She frowned. “Sage Gamion was possibly going to tell about a—a war, or are you referring to the second century before the government was formed?”

“No, not pirate tales.” He stopped before her. “Your elders probably call it the conflict or deception. We went to the inner sector and fought the…the Yivenese.”

The mysterious word conjured vague thoughts about creatures of the inner sector. Unenlightened, they were called.

“I’ve been trying to learn more, but my sponsor, won’t acknowledge my questions. I know he could have been involved. Anyone over ninety surely remembers it. But all information is stored in the Hall of Memories. I can’t access that because I’m not a student any more.” He was pacing again.

“Why would you want to know about that anyway?”

“Why not? Doesn’t the concept intrigue you?”

Sinoa’s curiosity had been nudged, but she told Nathan, “We’ll learn about it when we get to the proper level of academics.”

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