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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Drawn Breath (Part I - Wrought Iron)" by Yusufu Shehu

Then all of a sudden six glowing green orbs shot up from the corpses and rose slowly into the sky. They reached right up past Desem’s view point on Wresheina Tower into the faintly cloudy sky. The orbs then exploded silently, drenching the entire fiefdom in a deep, toxic green. It was like a dye, staining every aspect of Schtarelruhn. The flares hissed out, as civilians in their thousands exclaimed and cried. Estrall heard them all. His hair, eyes, skin and clothes stained a caustic green. It signified a breach, an injection of a new power that would soak every possible part of Schtarelruhn, encroach it and then eradicate it. As Estrall turned his head about his fiefdom, his eyes cutting through the miasma, he now knew truly who had come. The solemn yet intensely violent message was sent. The defiance and audacity in this act - their own Sha’n!: the use of magna-flares, the symmetry; the sadistic ceremony. It reeked of them. He looked up at the sky now a complete hostile green: another world; a hell...

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