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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Mrs. and Mr. Hill" by Elaine Jones

This is an account about something I observed in my neighborhood during the1950s when I was a teenager; I have not been able to get the memory out of my mind for over sixty years. I have always been convinced that I witnessed a crime, a murder committed, although no-one was ever accused or convicted of one; in fact, it may have been more than one. 

      After years of analyzing the events, I believe there were two reasons for the lack of a police investigation even though I, a child, knew something was not right. I’ll share my theory. I think the time and place were contributing factors… See what you think…

      First, the incident occurred in the middle of an African-American neighborhood in a large inner-city community during a time, the 1950s, when investigating Black on Black crime was not on the top of the police blotter – especially if it wasn’t obvious that a crime had been committed.

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