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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Wizard's Refrain" by R.L. Austin

Dirah is trying to escape a failed attack against the dark army...

Dirah stumbled out of the thorny brambles, scratched and bleeding, to find a group of dark-robed figures blocking her path. Instead of pulling back, she slammed the heel of Baldric’s staff on the ground and growled a spell with the sound of a curse.

Every wizard facing her lurched as the ground between them buckled. From a large crack burst molten rock that boiled and coagulated into a vaguely animal-like form. Even Dirah took a step back when the fiery orange figure reared onto two stump-like legs, and the faint image of a misshapen face appeared on its bulbous head. This was no fireball, but a monstrous apparition that lumbered forward, spewing hot sulfuric gas as if it had breath.

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