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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being feared and respected comes at a price... #Thriller

Lawless Justice

by Karina Kantas

Raven offered Cass a beer, and then stood in front of her. “Okay, I don’t want you altering you life just yet, not until it’s official.”
Cass’s heart skipped a beat.
‘So it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. I wonder if there’s going to be an initiation.’
“I want to watch you for a while before I make my mind up.”
“Sure, I’m not going anywhere,” Cass replied.
“This is how it will be. You will turn up where and when I want you, with no exceptions. And you will do anything I tell you.”
“Anything,” Scarlet repeated, hinting to what might be expected.
“You will dress down,” Raven continued. “Don’t try to compete with us. When in public, you do not know us and we don’t know you. You will be on your own. Is that understood?”
“Yep, you want me to hang out with you, but not with you.”
“You’ve got it,” Eve giggled.
“Just carry on with your life as normal,” continued Raven, “the change will happen if and when you’re accepted as a Kittn. I want you to hide in the shadows and watch. See how we operate, our attitude. And think seriously about what being a Kittn entails. I don’t know you well enough to decide whether you’ve got what it takes.”
“Whether or not you can keep up with us,” Storm added.
Raven nodded. “We’ve made our rep by fighting and it’s our tough attitude that keeps it. I’ve yet to see how you fight.”
“We know you have a hard heart.” Jade said, “With the shit you went through with your ex, it’s not surprising.”
“Each of us are rebels in our own right,” Scarlet declared. “What about you? Explain to us why you think you’re tough enough to be a Kittn.”

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