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Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick, before some country nukes us, get your copy of The Feud so you'll have something to read in the shelter! #Horror #Fantasy

"The Feud"

by Hubert Williams

Here big brother, while we wait for someone to bring me a torch, let's have a drink.” De Valen squirted some of the contents of the flask into Bertalans mouth. “Is that good? Have some more” he said while squirting some more into Bertalans mouth and down the front of his clothes. The soldier brought a lit torch to the platform. “Hold it out away from you.” the soldier did as he was told and De Valen squirted some of the contents of the flask on the torch, causing the torch to flare up. “Do you see that young woman over there? The one that is with child. Bring her over here so we can drink to her baby.” De Valen squirted some more of whatever was in the flask into Bertalans mouth and onto his clothes. Motioning the guard to give him the torch and remove the woman who was just brought over. “The father of that baby was a friend of mine. I was there when he was born. He died last night. Do you know how he died?” Bertalan shook his head. “Like this!” De Valen tossed the torch onto Bertalan igniting him. Bertalan began screaming louder and writhing in pain. “Is that how my daughter screamed as she died!?!? Is it?!?! Is that how my little girl screamed?!?!

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