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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Historical Fiction Kindle: "Race Against Time" by Sydney S. Song

Desegregation caused this historical riot at lunchtime in Florida in the 1970s...
What my psyche witnessed from afar included bodies- people- all over the place moving hastily then not at all.  Screaming accompanied this sight.  A riot finally registered in my soul; it clearly blocked the path between the gym and a row of bathrooms falling into the area in front of the main back doors.  Natural, student traffic couldn’t enter our main loggia or hallway to classes due to the violent storm raging in that region.
A few grown-ups got hold of students dragging them through the doors to the main building as the bell rang out. “Go to class!”  But, how? The passage remained blocked.
 I turned quickly walking between the building and the cows mooing in their pastures.  Were they warning me of trouble ahead or speaking to their owners? Was the noise a signal of a stampede ahead? In spite of these unknowns, it still felt smarter to pass as near as sensible to the herd bellowing as I led the impromptu parade around to the front doors into the high school building.

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