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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Young Adult, Horror on Kindle: "The Other Side of Eden" by Ethan Cobb

Carrie, a lone teenage girl, is confronted by her old boyfriend who is now infected with a sickness that attaches to a single emotion (in this case Anger) and becomes the driving force of everything that person does:

“Hello Carrie,” the muffled voice of Derek penetrated the window.  Carrie snapped her head up.  Narrow slits almost hid the purple of his eyes.  Derek grinned.  She stared at him.  He whistled.  Five runners jumped from surrounding positions.

“You can’t run,” he said and laughed.

Carrie punched the gas.  Tires squealed and smoke shot from behind.   She yanked the wheel to one side and her body slammed against the door.  The car tail whipped as she pulled back down.  Derek stood in front of the exit.  The Cavalier shot forward.  She grimaced, certain she was going to flatten him, but he jumped out of the way at the last second.  A flimsy toll gate exploded and the car barreled onto the empty road.   She kept the pedal pushed to the floor, although she was away from the immediate danger.  Her foot felt like concrete stuck to the pedal.  She shot past several stop lights, before beginning to feel her heart beating.  Buster’s head was low.

“I think we lost them.”

She looked behind her.

“Definitely lost them.”

She turned back.  An abandoned car sat crumpled directly in front of her.  She shrieked and swerved. 

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