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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From "Dark Blonde: A Mike Angel Private Eye Mystery" by David H. Fears

Dark Blonde: A Mike Angel Private Eye Mystery (Mike Angel Private Eye Detective Mysteries)
The lush grounds lay in the cold still air, the sky opening up with a low sun pushing mist over the expansive lawn. A brave robin was sounding off about what a perfect setting it was. He was too lazy to fly south for the winter. If I didn’t know there was a decapitated body in the guesthouse I would have thought Home Beautiful was on the way to film the place.
  I arm-waggled the cops toward the guesthouse, then walked rapidly toward the side door to the main house.  Opening the door I turned and said to Rick, “Keep them occupied while I talk to Julia.” I needed to prepare Julia for the grilling she’d get. Father protector was coming through in me, something I try to resist, even with clients. I had no idea what shape the lady was in.

  The detectives clambered out of the ugly Ford looking like somebody’d run off with their donuts. One of the dicks was Burk, a brick of a guy too short in the legs, too long in the face and too thick in the waistline. We’d dealt with Burk some on a prior case, or rather Rick had, and I was glad for it. Beating cops to a murder scene’s never a recipe for free tickets to the policeman’s ball.

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